Thursday, 29 June 2017




 My goal for measurement is knowing how to work out perimeter, width, length, mass and estimate
One of my favourite tasks was when we had to go outside and check the width or the length of something. I will show you the task though link maths term 1 something else I liked was when we had to get. Classroom objects and look for the mass but before we had to estimate the mass I went to the closest number on scale mass .

year 6 hub camp

Thursday, 1 June 2017


 My goal is to be able to get all the questions right on Quill by checking that all of my answers  make sense.
I have learned to use different strategies to do my learning .
My next step is to complete all of my learning in a set range of days.
One part of my reading that we learned is this new website called Quill.  It is a website that teaches you the proper ways to write structures when writing a story.
One of my favourite reviews is "My Mother and Stan",  what we had to do was to write the story starting with who, what, when, where, why and how. After that we had to put it in our own words and only use 25 words or less

Dance programme

I surprised myself by actually being able to pick up the dance moves and improve it in my own way.

I would now like to show some of my friends some more of my own moves because I used to do dance.

I found it difficult when we had to dance with a boy and learn new moves because I thought it would be easier by ourselves.

I have enjoyed being able to going out of my comfort zone and actually be good at it.